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The assembly accepts P43T H4 headlight bulb. Provides an inviting warm white light perfect for home and office use; Kelvin temperature of 3500K; Tri-phosphor lamp provides exceptional lighting; 21 watt  Versatile LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they create a non-dimmable soft . 18 Inch Angled Riser - LF6002AB - Brass 90 Degree Angled Riser $34. 6 Inch (400mm) Fusion Breath Hydroponic Filter 6x16" 304 CFM T5 HO Grow 24W 6500k 2FT Bulb Our products are energy saving bulbs and T5 tubes and all kinds of latest LED light products which deliver huge cost savings on electric bills and of course eco-friendly. Simply take out the existing fluorescent T5 lamp and replace with the Philips LED T5 InstantFit lamp. The design reduces its internal heat, providing you with a more durable and consistent long-lasting light. Massive stock of T5, T8, T12 fluorescent tubes and LED products. T5 technology last longer than traditional T12, with greater lumen maintenance over time. T5 LED Aquarium Lamp - MARINE WHITE. and use a LED 74w 2'x2' up against 4 lamp fluorescent systems all day and win. We like LED light bulbs best – they use less electricity and last for up to 20 years. T5 lamps are fluorescent lamps that are 5/8" of an inch in diameter. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! This low profile round LED dome light fixture is weatherproof with a fully potted circuit board that is water and corrosion resistant. Item Code: *D17736574 Your T5 will never be a T5 again! Shop for Bulbs - LED from Platt Electric Supply Westinghouse Lighting offers beautifully designed lighting fixtures, a wide range of decorative ceiling fans and the latest in long-life energy efficient LED and other light bulbs T8 2FT 9W Cool White LED Tube Light Bulb 2 Feet Replacement Fluorescent Lamp G13 £10. 34" T5. Lamps are typically identified by a code such as FxxTy, where F is for fluorescent, the first number (xx) indicates either the power in watts or length in inches, the T indicates that the shape of the bulb is tubular, and the last number (y) is the diameter in eighths of an inch (sometimes in millimeters, rounded-up to the nearest millimeter). Higher wattage T5 fluorescent lamps 14W to 54W) are used for ambient lighting and provide higher source brightness than T8 lamps, better optical control and equivalent or better efficacy (lumens/watt). View our complete line of LED Light Bulbs at www. A great light source for growing plants indoors or illuminating an aquarium, and when used with a T5 UVB bulb is the perfect way to provide your reptile the UVB it needs. Shop with confidence. Simply remove  Purchase top quality T5 Light Ballasts from the best brand names, such as Fulham, Keystone, Sylvania and more. Vivarium Electronics T5 HO light fixture with reflector for 34" T5 HO Bulbs such as the Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs. The letter 'T' indicates the shape of the bulb (tubular) and the number after the 'T' represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch (A T5 bulb is 5/8 inch). Our SunLite® T8 fluorescent grow light bulbs duplicate an amazing 94% of the solar spectrum. Kits feature CREE, Philips LEDs with high lumen output, more focused beam angle, extra long life and waterproof drivers. 46-Inch Fluval Power Spectrum T5 Aquarium Fluorescent Bulb, 54-watt Amazon. Also found in emergency exit signs and some road signs. For more than a century, outstanding people have built our reputation for exceptional performance, high-quality products and strong customer service Lighting EVER offers wide range of top quality LED lights, bulbs, lighting fixtures and so on. com: Online Shopping for LED Lighting 1 Blue Life USA SPS T5 Compact 36 Inch -39W Pure Actinic V-HO T5 Bulb - Be the first to review. com for up-to-date product information. These lamps operate off the existing program start electronic ballast. Each fixture is preloaded with a combination of 3W LED Tri-Lamps that provide light output similar to a 4-lamp T5 HO fixture. com. $11. T4 lamps are fluorescent lamps are 1/2" of an inch in diameter and T5 lamps are fluorescent lamps are 5/8" of an inch in diameter. HTM Lighting Solutions is an American wholesale manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge LED Products. Our LED T5HO Plug and Play tubes work in existing ballasts, so there is no need for any rewiring or electrical work. 39 to £34. com: Philips 34" InstantFit 4000K cool white glass 11 watt dimmable T5 LED lamps are compatible with most  Results 1 - 48 of 5025 Get the best deal for T5 LED Bulbs from the largest online 12-30V DC-LED F4T5 Tube Light-T5 6" Inch - 2W Daylight 6000K for RV. The Arcadia LED T5 HO Lamps are direct replacements for 24W, 39W and 54W T5 HO lamps. Looking for T5-DR-4-3500-27-8? Then check out our great price on the 4 Foot (Ballast Compatible) LED T5 Tube, 25W, 120-277V it usually ships in 1-2 business days. List Price: $359. g. It also should be noted that many of the T5 4 pin style lamps have blue plastic ends while ours are white, this makes absolutely no difference in the UV lamp. 5W is a direct replacement for your standard R88005996 dashboard bulb. Check out our commercial and industrial lighting! If your unit requires for example a 25 watt PUVLF432 17” lamp, a 17. The slim This 18W LED tube light from LumeGen is the energy-efficient replacement for F14T5 T5 tubes. 12002 . The second measurement is the diameter of the light bulb. 96, 22%) 24 inch T5 2 Bulb Retrofit Kit with LED moonlights  8 Aug 2016 T5, T8 and T12 LED (light emitting diode) replacement tubes currently on the Includes six end caps, and 4 18 gauge wire about 22 inch long. The Philips Master LED tube integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. 99 (as of 20/08/2019 05:40 PST- Details ) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Our focus has been on providing energy efficient and long life T8, T5, and CF lamps, enabling end-users to take advantage of utility rebates to lower the initial costs to install. Hera Lighting designs, develops and manufactures high-quality lighting solutions specifically for cabinets, furniture and displays. Be the first to review this product. For example, if you typically purchase 60W incandescent bulbs, which produce about 700-800 lumens, consider purchasing a lower energy alternative like a 42W halogen bulb, 12W CFL, or even a 10W LED bulb to achieve the same brightness. 0 and 10. Provision Lamp sells all kind of lighting including bulbs, light fixtures and retrofit solutions at low prices - LED for office, warehouse, retail and more LED/Fluorescent Daylight Tubes Information. T5 & VHO Aquarium Lighting. No additional investments are required. LED tube lights not only operate on a fraction of the wattage, but also perform up to 50,000 hours. This is the smaller mini wedge lamp T5 Led bulb which fits a 3/8" or 9mm diameter hole Get the best deal for Car & Truck Instrument Panel LED Lights from the largest online selection at eBay. LED or light LED light bulbs are now affordable alternatives to other lights. Upgrade from Incandescent and Halogen lights to save energy and money. At Hera, they are working hard to continue to produce maximum quality lighting systems at reasonable prices. twlighting. com Euroquatics E5 Retrofit T5 LED Lamp Warm Daylight - 48 Inch *Orders containing one or more 34"-60" bulb will be charged a SINGLE, separate shipping fee of $9. LED Dashboard and Panel Bulbs; rated at 12V 1. The newer LED light start at 80 and have now gone up into the lower 90's in some cases. The Arcadia 14% UVB ‘Dragon lamp’ is the most powerful HO-T5 reptile lamp in the world. Bulb breakage and bulb replacement costs have not been factored into this comparison chart. LED T8 U-Bents – One inch diameter LED tube with 160-degree beam angle; LED T5 Tubes – 5/8 inch diameter available in multiple color temperatures; LED MR Bulbs Multifaceted reflector bulbs, referred to as MR bulbs, are mainly used for track, landscape and recessed lighting where a more focused beam of light is desired. Led bulb works with 6 volt positive ground systems. 21 Watts and 34 inches to fit shorter commercial fixture lengths. Depending on the type of existing fluorescent tubes (T4, T8, T12), there is a potential for both ENERGY and OPERATING COST savings with LED tubes. Get the best deal for T5 LED Bulbs from the largest online selection at eBay. LED retrofits for T5 fluorescent bulbs are available for direct replacement. This product adopt the high power LED as the light source, using dozens of high power emitters of 1 watt LED. Shop LED Pendants at LightingDirect. When comparing incandescent or halogen bulbs to ENERGY STAR qualified bulbs or fixtures, compare the light Energy Savers Unlimited Esu Bulb Power Compact Flo 65 Watt Power Compact Fluorescent Straight Pin 6700K Bulb from Coralife. 3:37. Fluval Life Spectrum T5HO Fluorescent Bulb, 39W, 87 cm (34 in) & 39W Arcadia T5 LED Bulb Lamp Tube Marine Blue White Tropical  WLJH 10x Canbus T5 LED Light Bulb 3030 SMD PC74 Twist Socket Kit . Running an a360we over a 50 gal cube(24x24x20) The t5 is a 20"2 bulb (both actinic)sitting on top. 96, 22%) 36 inch Jalli 2 x 39 watt HO T5 Light fixture. #T5 T1-1/4 Wedge 6 Volt bulbs replace the following bulbs: 79 86 These lights are more commonly used for propagating and mothering plants. The new HO T5 ReptiSun® bulbs are available in 5. 3 Pack of LWL4W40-F8T5 12“ 4Watts White LED T5 Tube with 4000K to Retrofit for (4-Pack) Fulight Rotatable LED F21T5 Tube Light- 34-Inch 10W (21W Equivalent), Warm White 3000K, Double-End… Regular fluorescent light tube for advertising and fluorescent tube light bulbs and led t8 tubes of various kinds provided by ledstar, you will never be  Searching for T5 LED tube lights? 1000Bulbs. Philips MASTER LEDtube InstantFit T5 integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. A T5 lamp is a fluorescent lighting system introduced onto the U. $25. I think you will like the results of adding the t5 . 6400K/2730 LM bulb, mounting clips and roll on/off switch built into power cord included. It consumes only 10W (=21W), saving more than 50% electricity! T8 & T5 LED Tubes. Dome Light Fixtures T5 Light Fixtures LED Cage Lighting Reptile UV Meters Arcadia UVB Arcadia D3+ 12% UVB T5 Bulb - 34" 5/8 of an inch (16mm) compared to 1 No problems copying that in. They provide the right colors and intensity of light so plants grow strong and healthy. T8 = 1 inch diameter with medium bi-pin connectors spaced at 1/2 inch. Save money and have your office looking even better by buying new Direct Wire T5 LED Tubes from Lightup. These are offered in various lengths and sizes, including T8 and T5, as well as in glass and plastic. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free shipping on many items! Shop fluorescent light bulb at Lowes. Each light boasts 3 high power 1W LEDs and operates at a wide 12-24V DC range. Differences in length and socket pin design versus conventional fluorescent lamps prevent any problems with electric circuits or human factors. Better lighting, Better life. 5D Android Car DVD Multimedia Player For Toyota Camry 2002 2003 2004  Results 1 - 20 of 89 39W - 850mm / 34” (length) – 5/8”- 16 mm Products 1 - 25 of 25 About 18% of . 10 pcs T5 1. Shop Menards for a full selection of LED light bulbs that can last 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs. 99 As  Shop Light Bulbs at Lowes. Light Weight & Compact Design 48 inch T5 hybrid ATI 8 bulb fixture on a 220 gallon reef tank and LED Comparison - Duration: 3:37. Ideal for applications requiring medium illumination levels in narrow spaces . 99. YES these are for 36 inch fixtures that take the standard 39 watt HO t5 bulb. Save more on your power bills and light up your place with the illuminating presence of LED lights. View our complete line of LED Lighting Technology at www. 5 watts dimmable puck light ‐ 5. Tube designations. Differences in length and socket pin design versus conventional fluorescent lamps prevent any confusion problems with electric circuits or human factors. Shop and buy the best T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs, Lamps, and Fixtures . 5 foot Aruba Sun dual T5 retrofit kit with LED. 84. Please check your original socket size before purchasing. T5 LED Light Tubes Fluorescent Replacement The T5 LED light tubes are designed for to replace the traditional T5 fluorescent light tubes. co. 99 (save $39. 99 $13. SKU: 30254-SU*12. Different types of environment generally require different types of light source and colour. Linear T5 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb Bright White (3000K) 54-Watt 46 in. LED Lighting for RVs. 99 MR16 LED Lamp - Warm White T5/T10 Wedge Base 1. In fact, "T" refers to the diameter of the bulb. This assembly allows you to install your own led, hid, xenon or halogen bulb. 39 Watt. 99 3 ft LED 14 Watt T5 Bulb - Plug&Play - High Output - 39W Replacement - 2,200lm - Case of 24 ($15. Results 1 - 48 of 4322 1x LED Light Bulb G4 T5 12-24V 3014-72 Fit RV/Boat Bi-Pin Lamp 6 Pack F8T5 WW 30K Tube 12" Inches 8W Watt T5 Mini Bi 2-Pin G5  UL Listed LED Lights Bulbs for T5/T8/T12 Fluorescent LED Tube Lights - LED Lights, Dimmable/Dimming LED Less Than 24 Inch · Mini LED T5 Tube Lights   370 Items 12Pk - SUNLITE 21W T5 34inch 4100K Cool White Straight Fluorescent Tube. $2. 8-W Replacement Light Bulbs, Compact Fluorescents, LED Light Bulbs Canada, Halogen Bulbs, Incandescent Bulbs, Ligthing Supplies in Canada The main difference is in size…the T8 is one inch in diameter and everything else is divisible by that number: T5 = 5/8 inch, T6 = 6/8 inch, T8 = 1 inch, T10 = 1. 4oz DirectFit LED T5 lamps are quick, easy and safe to install into existing linear fluorescent fixtures without any extra effort or re-wiring. Search our online catalog for updated product information. Low wattage T5 fluorescent lamps (4W to 13W) are usually used in appliances, medical or other specialty applications. Coralife Replacement 34 inch, 420nm Actinic, 39 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp (Man Part# 80409) Product Code: RES80409 The Coralife 34 inch, 420nm Actinic, 39 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps are for 36 inch fixtures/retrofits. Choose the color temperature of your new replacement bulb. S. Now that you know what type of tubes you have, the next key is to understand the type of ballast. Now there is a T5 tube (5/8 inch) just coming on the market that has my favor, one has an efficiency of 1 watt to 186 Lumens! Low-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide bulb 7. I move the t5 around every few days and sometimes leave it on longer than the kessil. The Coralife 34 inch, 6700K, 39 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps are 34 inches from end of pin to end of pin (for 36 inch fixtures/retrofits). com is the leader in Flourescent T5 Grow Light Kits. UL Listed LED Lights Bulbs for T5/T8/T12 Fluorescent LED Tube Lights - LED Lights, Dimmable/Dimming LED Bulbs/Lights, LED Retrofit Lamps and More at Green Electrical Supply 5. 99 Flat Rate Shipping For Orders Under $29. Spacing) 34 Watts fluorescent bulbs are used in offices, garages, warehouses  Items 1 - 26 of 26 T5 ho bulbs aquarium. The picture also shows that pin base type of Convenient strip lights provide supplemental illumination for plants May be hung or surface-mounted Set of 2 fixtures, each with a high-output, full-spectrum, energy-efficient fluorescent bulb This set of two handy 3' strip lights promote healthy seedling growth and keeps houseplants happy. 5 Watts but LED Headlight Bulbs take your drive from dull to dominating! Including H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, 9005, 9006, 9007. Package: 10 pieces of 3/8" Twist Lock Socket with T5 Led Bulb . LED Aqualight. Reef Tank ATI T5 Bulb LED Bulbs from SATCO Products, Inc. From electrical contractors to vending machine companies, to original equipment manufacturers, to homeowners, we routinely meet the needs of a broad customer base with our variety of fluorescent light fixture parts, fluorescent light bulb holders, lamps socket replacement parts and fluorescent light socket types. They are compact in design and range from 4w, 6w, 8w and 13w usually. Experience the HD difference compared to our standard LED bulbs. 12Pk - SUNLITE 21W T5 34inch 4100K Cool White  Since their introduction as a commercial product in 1939, many different types of fluorescent Per T2—T12, T17 the number indicates the tube diameter in ​1⁄8 inches, e. The wattages for standard T5 lamps are 14, 21, 28, and 35 watts. T5 LED Tube Bulb Light T5 Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Aquariums. While the size is the main difference there are other differences that are worth mentioning. Buy 12 Volt Light Bulbs Online. 0 uvb bulb fluorescent and more! Zoo Med ReptiSun 10. 99 Get the best deal for T5 LED Bulbs from the largest online selection at eBay. If your project does not have brackets, we advise to choose the integrated T5 led tube lights. Designed to fit in fixtures intended for linear fluorescent lamps (LFLs), LED tubes from GE are a smart, efficient and long-lasting solution to replace traditional lighting. . T5 lamps are fluorescent lamps that are 16mm or 5/8" of an inch in diameter. Hera Lighting SlimLite T4 and SlimLite XL T5 fluorescent under cabinet lights Hera came out with the ELite-LED several years ago. LED Concepts Under Cabinet & Closet Linkable LED T5 Light Bar - Ultra Slim, Cool-Touch Design - Great for Kitchen Counter Lighting – ETL Listed Power Supply (34" Inch, White) 1-16 of 152 results for "t5 34 inch bulb" Skip to main search results Fulight Rotatable LED F21T5 Tube Light- 34-Inch 10W (21W Equivalent), Daylight 6000K, Double 28-Watt 46 in. LED bulbs outperform standard bulbs in every possible way, and for peace of mind, every bulb we sell is backed by our guarantee, having endured rigorous in-house quality tests. com stocks thousands of products including LED Lights - LED Bulbs - LED Fixtures and ships the same business day. These lamps are approximately 40% smaller than T8 lamps, which are one inch in diameter, and almost 60% smaller than T12 lamps, which are 1½" in diameter. LED replacements have actually been estimated to save 45%-65% of the energy costs of T5 lighting! EDGE WiFi LED Light Fixtures; Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixtures; Aquatic Life T5 HO Dimmable 4-Lamp Hybrid Mounting System Fixtures; Aquatic Life Floating Suspension & Universal/Hybrid System Fixture Hangers, Mounting System Parts, Decorative Endcaps 34-Inch Fluval Sea Actinic T5 Aquarium Fluorescent Bulb, 39-watt. This bulb’s color spectrum falls between the Aquablue Special and the Blue Plus. T5HO fluorescent lamps used to be the most energy efficient option for troffer lights and tube lights on the market. About Fluorescent & LED Grow Light Bulbs : What are the differences in tubular fluorescent bulbs? Size and efficiency. In industrial applications, T5 lamps are used in bays of either four or six lamps to provide lighting in large Browse Led 4 In. 11 Locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of fluorescent tubes. T5 lamps have a diameter equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch, or 5/8". 99 (save $79. T12 has a diameter of 12/8", T8 = 8/8", T5 = 5/8". Standard size 34 inch *actual* bulb length fits 34 - 36 inch fixtures. Fluorescent Tube Size Guide. HSUN T5 74 37 2723 2721 W3W Wedge LED Bulb T5 Lamps 28 watt to 54 watt Description Item No. 99 $34. UVL 36 Inch 95W Actinic White VHO T12 Fluorescent Bulb. Watts Lumen Color Temp CRI Case Qty T5, 21w, 34", 3500K, Warm White 200500 21 2100 3500 85 25 T5, 21w, 34", 4000K Shop our wide selection of low-price LED bulbs and lighting fixtures including, high bay lights for warehouses, recessed lights for homes and businesses, and a lot more at Four-Bros. It is also the least efficient. See all LEDVANCE offers a wide variety of fluorescent lamps in compact, linear, U-bend, and circular types. If you are looking for LED tubes that consume less power and don’t waste any light on the ceiling, LED T8 and T5 tubes are what you are looking for. Search by type, model, color temperature and wattage. Linear T5 ALTO Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb Bright White (3000K) 54-Watt 46 in. satco. Keystone Technologies 54W equivalent T5HO LED replacement tubes offer substantial energy savings over standard fluorescent T5 HO lamps, and you won’t be able to tell the difference in lighting—just cost. The diameter of the tube is described in eighths of an inch, as it is for incandescent lamps, so a fluorescent lamp 1 inch in diameter (eight eighths) is a T8. $249. Slimline T5 8W 12'' fluorescent tube, often used in under-cupboard kitchen lighting. 9 inch 2. Learn about LED benefits like color rendering index (CRI), color temperature, dimming, and energy efficiency. . Increased bulb stability and life expectancy! The only full spectrum bulbs on the market to offer 70% lower mercury levels and meet the EPA's TCLP guidelines for non-hazardous waste. Incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs are more easily broken than LEDs, which increases their cost of use. com Price: $ 22 . Bulb Base. 7. SUNLITE 21W 34 inch Cool White T8 tubes are 1-inch in diameter and T12 tubes are 1 1/2 -inch. They are smaller in diameter. In Stock! Updated to ATI WiFi Powermodule Actual model may be slightly different than picture. 0 uvb - 34 INCH-Stronger UVB and Brighter Light: Twice as strong as standard ReptiSun® 10. The picture above shows diagrams of lamp ends of T5, T8, and T12 lamps. Tired of the hassles associated with traditional fluorescent tubes? Complete your total transition to LED Technology with the LED tube Series. Find quality fluorescent light bulb online or in store. Free shipping on most lighting, furniture and decor every day. We offer replacements for T5/T8/T10/T12 fluorescent tubes allowing you to bring LED technology to environments never before possible. (4-Pack) Fulight Rotatable LED F21T5 Tube Light- 34" Inch 10W (21W Equivalent ), Warm Eiko 81150 - F21T5/841 Straight T5 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb. "Daylight" white color for a much brighter appearance. Cotify Smart Wifi Bulb Socket E26 2 Pack - Wi-Fi Led Light Bulbs Timer Holder Wireless Lamp Adapter Works with Alexa and Google Assista Dashboard T5 Light Lamp 9. Lowe's Lower Price. Shop fluorescent light bulbs in the light bulbs section of Lowes. This translates into reduced maintenance and disposal costs and also allows the use of smaller fixtures which reduces ceiling clutter. 99 using a mix of economy shipping methods including UPS Ground, USPS First Class, and/or SurePost. The purplish 420nm Actinic bulb spectrum is very beneficial to corals. Some LED T5 tubes are compatible with ballasts existing in fluorescent fixtures, while others are directly wired and do not require a ballast. Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb - T12 - 34 W - 48 Fluorescent Tube T5/14W - 22. 6. Tube in your under-cabinet lights. LOT T5 Light Tube 28W Fluorescent Bulb Replacement 4 FT Lamp iQuatics - Aquarium Lighting, Halide and T5 Specialists - iQuatics have many years of experience in the production, distribution and support of aquarium lighting products including Metal Halide Bulbs, T5 bulbs, Juwel and Aquatlantis Compatible T5 Fluorescent Bulbs,T5 T8 Reflectors, Premium Aquarium Filter Media. 24 Watt. Whatever your light needs are, Grow Ace has you covered. The headlight housing is made of plastic. Sizes range from T2 to T17. T5 lamps are available in 14, 21, 28 and 35 watts and high-output versions come in 24-, 39-, 54-, and 80- watt models. 22 Jul 2019 Ready to ship from Bulbs. The Bio Dude Solar Grow T5 HO light fixture with reflector for 34" T5 HO Bulbs such as the Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs. com Price: $ 18 . lighting market in 1995. All of Hera's products meet and exceed USA safety standards and are UL and/or ETL listed. A revolutionary new range of high performance T5 reptile lamps from Arcadia. Ecoxotic Panorama LED Modules Seachem Vitality 100ml 3. The red spectrum encourages blooms, the blue for foliage growth. Difference between T5, T8, T12 Tubes What is the difference between T5, T8 and T12 lamps? Fluorescent lamps, or fluorescent linear tubes as they are also known, are categorized according to their wattage, shape and diameter. mySimon. Deep Blue Professional ADB42536 Solarmaxhe2 Fresh Water T5 Strip Lighting Strips for Aquarium, 36-InchWith Deep Blue Professional you can have the benefit of aquariums andaccessories with the features you want at prices you can afford. Shine Retrofits is the commercial electrical contractor's source for LED lamps, LED retrofits, light sources, and bulbs. DDM Tuning is your one stop shop for all automotive lighting upgrades. This section focuses on the physical characteristics of T5 systems compared with T8 systems. The Coralife T5 bulbs will work in any T5 fixture, as long as you are using bulbs of the same wattage as those currently in your fixture. LED Fluorescent lighting effectively replaces standard fluorescent T8 tubes thanks to their high quality and long-lasting nature. This T5 led tube light does not include bracket, shall be fixed on the bracket of traditional fluorescent tube, or extra special bracket of T5 led tubes with internal power supply. These LED T5 bulbs are an energy efficient alternative to 21W fluorescents. com: Zoo Med Ocean Sun 10, 000K 420 Daylight Bulb T5 High Output 39 Watts, Zoo Med AquaSun T5-HO Double Light Linear Fluorescent Hood, 36-Inch . Lighting has come a long way since the incandescent bulb. Philips 220962 Fluorescent 21W T5 34" Soft White (3000K) 000K 420 Daylight Bulb T5 High Output 24-Watt, 22-Inch. Our T5 HO light fixture with reflector for 34" T5 HO Bulbs such as the Arcadia T5 HO UVB Bulbs. Arcadia T5 LED Bulb 18w Tropical Pro 46 Great stand-alone bulb just introduced by ATI to stimulate coral growth. 9. LED light bulbs let you enjoy the quality light that you want, but with significant energy savings and long life. Sunlite 21W 34 inch Cool White 4100K T5 Fluorescent Tube Bulb - F21T5/841 Sunlite fluorescent lamps are very popular for use in office and other lighting applications. High Output Linear T5Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb, Cool White (4100K) (15-Pack) Price Shop our selection of T5, LED Bulbs in the Lighting Department at The Home Depot. Fluorescent tube light bulbs are measured in 1/8 of inch increments. Intense performance lighting. List Price: $189. In addition to the 6500K LEDs, Red plant growth LEDs, & Blue Lunar LEDs, this hood houses a High Output T5 ReptiSun UVB Lamp Shop and Save on LED Light Bulbs at LightingDirect. For every room, there’s a light that’s just right. These tubes turn on instantly, are mercury free, and last 3-5 times longer than fluorescent tubes. wrote about Arcadia T5 LED Tropical Pro -Fluorescent bulb replacement-in January 2019: I use this Arcadia LED tube on my Juwel Rio 400 - so I had to buy the 120 cm/19 W version, since I kept the original Juwel T5 Multilux fixture. Available in a broad range of colors and sizes, including soft white or daylight plus for extra brightness. 14 Watts. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping. com T5 linear lamps are the latest triphosphor lamps to take center stage. You can use these flourescent grow lings for a wide variety of plants in a wide variety of growing conditions. Uline stocks a huge selection of F96T12 fluorescent tubes and Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs. T5 High Ouput (HO) bulbs are the most popular fluorescent bulbs for plant lighting, and they're the most efficient. Huge Catalog! Over 36,000 products in stock. Fee can not be calculated by our website but will be added to your bill at time of shipping. search. 16” G22T5L/4P , four pin 22 -25 Watt UV bulb will work. led 120v 1. Lighting Performance Widely regarded as the most popular reef aquarium T5 bulb of all time, Blue Plus combines the properties of a blue bulb (approximately 460nm) with an actinic bulb (approximately 420nm). 460/ 620nm Purple 39 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps are 34 inches  Results 1 - 10 of 10 Coralife 58120 Aqualight T5 Freshwater Dual Lamp Fixture 24 Inch Pet Center DPC88044 44 Ounce Natural Giant Chicken Wrapped Dog . How to i set mylights to incorporate the T5's as well. A huge range of energy saving, long-life and standard light bulbs from top trade brands using the latest technologies in this rapidly advancing market, whatever size, cap fitting, output and colour you are looking for. Short or mini T5 fluorescent tubes as they are often known are used in various applications across the UK and Europe. Ideal for a wide variety of indoor uses including kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. Buy GE 11084 - FC8T9/KB Circular T9 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb at LightBulbs. Suitable for general or task lighting. High Output Linear T5 Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb, Cool White (4100K) (1-Bulb) 21-Watt 34 in. We do believe right now that the future of reef tank lighting is heading towards hybrid LED/T5 fixtures. recessed lighting - 122 available at Lamps Plus! 120% low price protection guarantee - 4" Pivot Dropdown Spot 7 Watt Led Retrofit Trim In White, 5" Lithonia 10. Lighting industry leader since 1966 - we know lighting. The best prices online at  8 Aug 2017 Linear fluorescent lamps are very common in commercial and industrial The number after the “T” indicates lamp diameter in eighths of an inch. But the problem lies with the T5 lighting. We investigated 7 greatest kichler light bulbs buys over the previous year. Simply remove the fluorescent T5 and replace with the LED T5. GrowAce. Bulbrite brand energy saving T5 fluorescent lamp. With reef tanks half your bulbs should be actinic. LED tubes are also directional, having their LEDs all facing one side of the . Visit us now and find out more! I guess I am running kessil with t5. 0 UVB Stronger UVB and Brighter Light: Twice as strong as standard ReptiSun® 10. Any defective LED bulb will usually fail within this time. T5 High Output (HO) bulbs are the most popular fluorescent bulbs for plant lighting, and they're more efficient than T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. Why buying from Fulight is the ? High-quality LED lights bring you long lasting joyful lighting for eye protection, comforts and warmth! Long Tube Bulb 36 inch Fluorescent Mini T5 Double Strip 36 inch mini strip light uses two 21 watt T5 lamp. Its unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance which cannot be distinguished from traditional fluorescent. The T5 diameter is nearly 40% smaller than T8 lamps and almost 60%  Items 1 - 15 of 57 See our wide selection of quality branded T5 aquarium light bulbs and light units. The "T" in T5 indicates the bulb is tubular shaped, while the "5" denotes that it is five eighths of an inch in diameter. Most LEDs come with a minimum 2-year guarantee. 3 foot Aruba Sun dual T5 retrofit kit with LED. Bayonet (ba15) (1) Orb II 34" Wide LED 10 Light Color rendering index (CRI) measures how true the colors look under the light bulb. Savings are for wattages shown. From lighting layouts to installation, our experts are here to help with every step of your project. com has the best deals and lowest prices on uvl 34 inch t5 vho super actinic bulb 420nm 39w 60w Find the cheap T5 Circline Bulb, Find the best T5 Circline Bulb deals, Sourcing the right T5 Circline Bulb supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. The Keystone LED T5 HO are direct replacements for F54T5/830/HO , F54T5/835/HO , F54T5/841/HO and F54T5/850/HO lamps. T5 flourescent lamps - The best choice when it comes to energy efficiency. An incandescent light bulb is rated as a 100 CRI and is the standard that all other lighting is measured. 34 inch slim light fluorescent t5 21 watt . www. This ring-shaped fluorescent lamp is an energy saving, slim and compact light source that was designed for shallow and slender recessed, ceiling and wall mounted light fixtures; these fixtures are frequently found in retail, residential, office, hotel and commercial applications. High - gloss baked enamel finish in white. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items! Use this chart to determine how many lumens you’ll need from your next light bulb. 62. Best prices Arcadia T5 Marine White Lamp 34 inch 39W  T5 lamps have a diameter equal to 5 times an eighth of an inch, or 5/8". 0 Lamps! Increased UVB Output: Perfect for larger reptile habitats. GE offers three solutions: UL Type A, UL Type B, and UL Type C. 1 standard T5 bulb included (does not provide UVB) 6400k; The T5 HO fixture is a top fluorescent option with a design that increases reflectivity and diffusion. This is the smaller mini wedge lamp T5 Led bulb which fits a 3/8" or 9mm diameter hole 4FT T5 LED Grow Light 48 Watt Dual / Full Spectrum / Bloom / Grow. Diego Z. Your actual savings will vary based on the wattages you purchase. Made to effectively replace linear fluorescent tubes, T5 led tubes are an energy efficient alternative for linear fixtures, strip/shop lights, or troffers. Refine your search for 12 inch fluorescent light. Many employers find it useful to use daylight tubes to illuminate their workspaces, owing to their generous light output, wider spectrum and superior CRI (more on these last two later). The LED Aqualight provides full-coverage high-intensity lighting required for medium to high light level corals and freshwater plants. Looking for T5 HO (High Output) or VHO (Very High Output) lighting? We carry an incredible selection of high quality, high performance options to accentuate coral and fish colors and aid in coral growth. These lamps are 34" HO T5 6. Find T 5 Led Tube Bulb on sale here with the biggest selection of T 5 Led Tube Bulb anywhere online. Marine Depot Aquarium Supplies 17,175 views. They eliminate the need to have an electrician rewire the fixture. Sunlite 21W 34 inch Super White 5000k T5 Fluorescent Tube Bulb - F21T5/850 SKU: 30322-SU $ 6 99 $9. 2M 18W Integrated LED Tube Light Fluorescent Lamp 4FT 6000-6500K BE. The Internet's Biggest Collection Of Various Fittings, Shapes And Size Of ANY Low Voltage Lighting . 50/50 bulb, 10K bulb 10 pcs T5 - $34. Click to Close. com 50 Watt MR11 Halogen Light Bulb 12 Volt Long Life MR11 12V 50W Bulb 1XMR11 12V 50 6Pcs JACKYLED LED T8 T10 Tube for 48 1 2m 4ft Fluorescent Replacement 24W 50W 47 Inch Integrated LED Linear Light 1/8 Pack Aluminum T5 Fluorescent Light in Warm White/Cool White for Shop, Fashion Style Commercial Lighting The best priced light bulbs, tubes and control gear online from the most reputable brands around. With four different color temperatures to choose from, these lamps can support plants and corals just as well as T5 HO lamps. 5W LED Bulb $13. Ballast compatibility and wiring diagrams are specified in the spec sheets for each LED tube, so you know exactly how each light works and choose the right one for your application. I have the 4 Bulb 24 inch AquaticLife T5 Fixture with 2 ATI Blue Plus Bulbs and 2 ATI Actinic bulbs. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it’s approved, suppliers on our site can quote. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. • No other power supply or accssories needed. luxrite f54t5/841/ho 54w 46 inch t5 fluorescent tube light bulb, 4100k cool white, 4200 lumens, g5 mini bi A huge range of energy saving, long-life and standard light bulbs from top trade brands using the latest technologies in this rapidly advancing market, whatever size, cap fitting, output and colour you are looking for. LED T5 Fluorescent Replacement Light Bulbs from SATCO Products, Inc. This report discusses only linear T5 lamps. Buy F21T5 replacement bulbs from 1000Bulbs. With an average life of 10,000 hours, this 8 inch circline tube will outlast many bulbs in the market right now! Headlight housing 7" round DOT complaint with T10 5 Watt parking bulb. Finding the right light bulbs for your home or office can be a waste of energy, especially when you need ones that are less commonly found like 12 volt LED light bulbs. How does the LED compare in terms of power, brightness and color? I did find that the LED bulb was listed at 9. These DOT headlamp assemblies are designed for USA right hand traffic LHD. 00 per bulb) 3 Feet. T5 fluorescents are more efficient than T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes, and they are smaller in diameter. com! 120 Volt T5 E14 16 SMD LED Turbo Replacement Bulbs FEATURES: Price above is for one carton of 25 Super Bright SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LED Bulbs (Best price if ordered by the case - see "Buy in Bulk" link above) 16 Super Bright LEDs per Bulb: All through our website, we have mentioned the benefits of fluorescent lights and especially those of T5 tubelights. Application of T8 LED Tube: Arcadia 12% UVB T5 HO Offering a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length For Desert Species 12% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3 30% UVA Produces excellent natural colors 100%+ more visible light than equivalent length D3+ T8 lamp Luxrite LED Lighting 34 items & marketplace (34) Only. The characteristics of fluorescent lamps vary type of lamp. Find quality fluorescent light bulbs online or in store. With a diameter of just 5/8", T5 lamps provide a great deal of light for the energy used, and they have a long life span. T5 6500K Light Bulbs. We’ve got reptisun 18 inch 10. Amazon. Zoo Med's ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood combines energy efficient, brilliant LED lighting with our trusted ReptiSun® UVB Lamp. So a T12 light bulb is 12 x 1/8 of an inch, which equals 1 1/2 inches in diameter (T8 equals an inch and T5 equals 5/8 of an inch) What wattage do I need? Energy saving light bulbs and lighting fixtures including CFL, LED string lights and flashlights. Fluorescent 21W T5 34" Soft White (3000K) Philips T5 Fluorescent Lamps are incredibly powerful, environmentally responsible, long life lamps with an ultra-slim profile. 5K Daylight Bulb (Fits 34"-36" Fixtures). Note: Do not confuse these sockets with the larger wedge T10 socket which fits a 1/2" hole. Crompton Fluorescent 12" T5 8W White FT128W | Lightbulbs-Direct. Good lighting makes us happier (and stops us bumping into things at night). Aug 31, 2012 12:02 PM Catfish " This is the second time buying lamps here, last time I bought a box of small bulb, the discounted price is unbelievable low, only half of my local supplier in Kingston, I really enjoy it. T5 HO ReptiSun® 10. Deep Blue Professional ADB42330 Solarmaxho2 Ho T5 Strip Light for Aquarium 30-Inch. 89. T5 lamps are 5/8-inch in diameter equipped with a miniature bi-pin base and vary in length. 95 Our Price: $279. T5 Fluorescent Tubes Fluorescent T5 light bulbs or lamps are some of today's most popular fluorescent lighting options, along with T8 lamps. Simply unplug the existing T5 fluorescent fixtures & plug-in the new T5 LED fixtures and your upgrade is completed. T8 Fluorescent Bulbs This means that all of the light generated by the LED bulb is focused in the 110 degree area T5-12TUBE-CW Cool White 12" T-5 LED Tube Light 6000k T5. Call Gladiator Lighting @ 800-581-8705 for experienced lighting help now. High Output T5’s are a great option for larger and taller enclosures as they provide UVB penetration at greater distances. Designed to deliver over 3100 lumens, the lamps utilize the existing T5HO electronic ballasts, minimizing maintenance and labor costs for facility managers. (Square Pin): 34 inch - 96 Watt ,Explore our large selection of top rated products at low prices from Coralife, Energy Savers, CURRENT USA, Energy Savers Unlimited, and Zoo Med,Quad 96 Watt 6700K Power Compact Bulb Coralife 96W PC. Powering an RV is expensive—with a variety of appliances, electronics, lights, and other electrical components using power in your RV, finding ways to save electricity is always a constant challenge. Although we have given some details about LED lights, but have not promoted it extensively, and therefore we recently got a question from one of our reader: “How you would compare LED tubelights versus the T5 ones. Find out price list of LED products in India like bulbs, street lights, downlight & panel light, Wall light, Ceiling Light, Tube light, spot light and decorative lights from top brands like Philips, Osram, Havells, Wipro, Bajaj, Eveready, SYSKA, Oreva, Moser Baer, Surya, Charlston and Pharox. T5 Fluorescent Replacement with LED T5 Lamps. What are the Differences in T5 and T8 Lights? The letter 'T' is the shape of the bulb (tube shaped) and the number after the 'T' represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch (A T5 bulb is 5/8 inch). 5 inches in diameter (12/8). Fresh Water LED Aquarium Bulbs/Lamps Hagen Marina Flexible LED Air Curtain Aquarium Aeration Red L 53 34 Cm. 6400K plant bulb, mounting clips and roll on/off switch built into power cord included. This T5 is ballast-compatible, and features frosted shatter-proof glass for glare free illumination. Day 120- In a typical retail environment we might see 5,000 lumens. Their slim, 5/8-inch diameter and smaller ballasts have given product designers a fresh concept for approaching energy-efficient lighting. View the full detailed installation instructions here This is a LED retrofit light for 12" Florescent Tube Lights. Replace your existing fluorescent High The T-Everything™ LED Fluorescent Replacement Solution. T5 HO 54W, 46  Results 1 - 25 of 1080 iQuatics Aquarium 39w T5 Bulb - Lighting AquaBlue 50:50 - White / Blue Blend . Most orders under $29 ship for only $2. Available in: 8 Inch 18 Inch 24 Inch 30 Inch 36 Inch 48 Inch 60 Inch 72 Inch Actinic Blue - A deep blue that helps bring out the fluorescent in corals and other inhabitants while promoting growth. classicautobulbs. 95 Our Price: $149. The best place for LED bulbs is ABD. Replacement for F39T5/HO/865 34 INCH 39W T5 6500K 50 PACK replacement light bulb lamp 10PC G8 Bi-Pin T5 64 3014 Dimmable LED Light Bulb Philips 34" InstantFit 4000K cool white glass 11 watt dimmable T5 LED lamps are compatible with most instant-start ballasts. ca. This produces an intense blue light with high PAR numbers and a light spectrum that encourages both coloration in SPS corals and fluorescence in capable corals. 0 varieties and in 22″, 34″, and 46″ lengths for use in the new ReptiSun® HO T5 Hoods available in 24″, 30″, 36″, and 48″ sizes. Top Rated Plus Packs of BRANDED T5 FLUORESCENT TUBES 6, 9 DLC Listed Products Turtle Friendly Amber LED Lighting LED T8 Sign Tubes LED Ceiling Panels and Troffers LED Acorn Retrofit Kits and Lamps LED Custom Retrofit Kits LED High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures LED Sports and High Mast Lighting LED Area / Parking Lot Lighting LED Post Top Fixtures LED Street Lights LED Garage/Canopy/Gas Fixtures LED Vapor The Etech SYHU-HB-165-D-50K is a full-body 165 watt 5000K daylight white color DLC Premium performance LED high bay fixture. Engineered to illuminate a wide variety of large settings, Get the best deal for Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs T5 Bulb Shape Code from the largest online selection at eBay. Store Finder T5 G8 Bi-Pin LED Light Bulb (12-Pack) Model# G8/LED/12 $ 72 00 LED Tube Lights. Starting From 6 Volt And Up to 85 Volts, Our Wide Selection Of Lamps Can Handle DC 6V , 9V , 12V, 24V, 36V , 48V and 60V Power Sources. 0 Lamps! Increased UVB Output: Perfect for larger reptile habitats (see lamp distance notes on package). In the case of replacing T5 lighting fixtures with LED, it makes sense to discuss costs first. T5- equivalent LED tubes typically consume around 15W, delivering energy “ Typical wattage of a 4' lamp = 40W”, actually its 34W, this was instituted in 2009. com - LED T5 Grounded Linkable Light Fixtures (3 Prong) Integrated LED driver, simply plug-in & lit. Aug 31, 2012 12:02 PM BigPanini " Good deal! Fast shipping! Thanks. It is a T5 size, so the width Philips T5 Miniature Bi-Pin Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb - T5, miniature bi-pin, linear fluorescent light bulb. General Bulb - LEDLight. These 34" F21T5 LED tube lights are ballast free, instant-on, and ideal to replace fluorescent bulbs. 25 inches (10/8), T12 = 1. The most common type base is the standard or medium base bulb, but we offer LED replacement bulbs for candle/candelabra bases, halogen and more. Explore Our Wide Selection and Discover the Best Customer Service D3+ Reptile T5 Lamp For Desert Species. uses standard t5 bulb 82cri. Some of these LED T5 lamps include a protective safety coating to allow for use in a broad range of applications. ,Zoo Med's Ocean Sun High Output T5 lamps are ideal for all marine aquariums, reef aquariums, and freshwater aquariums where a deep water effect is desired. Fluorescent powerPAR PPLF44 Commercial 4' LED Fixture. 8 Reasons To Consider LED Replacement Bulbs vs. Each bulb in our HD LED series brings the perfect mood to different spaces in your home—all with enhanced color contrast and boldness. Kichler Kichler Lighting 25W Equivalent Warm White MR11 LED Landscape Light Bulb. ZOO MED REPTISUN - T5 HO 10. 0 HO T5 UVB Lamp, 39 W, 34" L, 39 W / 34 IN Zoo Meds Creatures LED Black Lighting designers have begun to specify such T4 and T5 luminaires for high-end new construction for retail stores, homes, and cabinet industries. T5 = 5/8" diameter with mini-pin connectors spaced at 1/4 inch. They still have a G5 cap type (same as the larger length T5 tubes). Shop Bellacor for Clear Incandescent T5 Wedge, 21 Watt by Hinkley and other Tube Bulbs for your home. Sun Aquarium Light 34 Inch 39 Watt Super Daylight Bulb. Through our website you can compare and buy energy-efficient linear tubes, A19s, candelabras, MR16s, PAR30s, downlights, and more for your commercial project or retrofit. Fluorescent lights usually rate at a CRI of 75 to 80. For new installation, all of the following components accessories are included with our T5 LED fixtures: (1) T5 LED fixture with a T5 LED light tube (1) 6 ft. It is perfect as an accent light to any T5 or metal halide lighting system or works great with the… If you are looking for a circular T5 bulb then look no further! Four Bros FC12T5/WW T5 circline fluorescent tube features a high lumen output while producing a warm white color. 2 X Rv Light Bulb T5 12 Fluorescent Tube Replacement Led 400 Replacement Dashboard & Panel Bulbs for Cars. See your home in a new light. A 5-watt, 25-watt, or 300-watt incandescent bulb can be screwed into an Edison socket and they will all work as they are supposed to. Find great deals on eBay for t5 daylight bulb. We have great customer service and a wide selection. We have a huge selection of HID Kits and LED bulbs for all cars, trucks and SUVs. 96, 21%) 24 Inch 4 Bulb T5 Fixture W/Led Moonlights, Jalli Fluorescent tube lighting from Philips offers long life and quality, energy-saving task lighting. com to stop paying full price for light. Prices and shopping results for uvl 34 inch t5 vho super actinic bulb 420nm 39w 60w from mySimon. Shop for LED - Tube Type from Platt Electric Supply Amazon. 120 volt fixture with low power factor ballast. Distinguish which kichler light bulbs is best for you. 6Pack 5W 12 inch (301mm pin to pin) T5 LED Fluorescent Tube Light F8T5/CW 5500K Feit Electric 12 Inch T5 Buy Lighting from the Best Online Store at Factory Direct Low Prices! Get the Best Brands, Fast Shipping, Quick Order Processing. Offering a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length. Home of Energy Saving Light Bulbs and Low Energy Light Bulbs and Low Energy Downlights, Including GU10 & LED Bulbs, Both As Low Energy Bulbs & Halogen Bulbs. Now includes the jumper wire to connect up to 8 fixtures! These fixtures also sit on top of screen cages/Screen covers quite well! SATCO lighting innovation and technology. com has great deals on a wide selection of T5 LED bulbs including F54T5 high output replacement bulbs. This white lamp has a higher blue part to enhance the fluorescent pigments in your corals while still having some peaks of red and green. In other words when you put up a LED fixture such as a 45w 2'x2' against a 3 bulb T8 fluorescent 2'x4', the LED will win every time. Also i'm guessing the LEDs should be turned down a bit in intensity because of the T5 supplementation. With our LED T5HO Plug and Play tubes, all you have to do is power off your fixtures, install the new LED tubes, and you're good to go. One socket; any wattage. Click Image for more pictures and specifications, and installation instructions. The assembly is CE and Rohs listed. If you have a tube that is very small in diameter (5/8 inch) you have a T5,and thus the remainder of this discussion will not be of use in terms of helping retrofit this application. Due to the size of these smaller tube lights, an Philips 230813 21 Watt 34 Inch 3000K 85 CRI T5 Mini-Bipin Base Fluorescent Bulb (F21T5/830/Alto) LightingSupply. Note that not all LEDs can be dimmed, so be sure to look for dimmable LED bulbs if necessary. Ideal in a range of settings, the T8 LEDs come in a range of sizes, perfect for lighting up small and large areas alike. The T12 fluorescent bulb is the oldest and most common of the tubular bulbs. Yes, we know the next question coming up: but if 16 Watt LED T8 tubes replace 34 Watt T12 fluorescents, will that not decrease the lighting levels of the area? 2. I like to vary my lighting and keep my corals guessing a bit. 3 prong power cord, (1) 6 inch flexible connector, View all types of linear fluorescent tube bulbs in this BulbAmerica collection, and easily choose the right light for your needs. The high-output T5 (T5 T5 HO 39W, 34, 3,000-6,500, 3,500, 3,290-3,320, 90. uk, and the best time to buy, is now… Circular Fluorescent Tubes Continued. Some of their common sizes are around 22, 34 and 46 inches. 34 inch t5 led bulb

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